Goals and Their Enemy: Writer’s Block

In my previous posts about goals, I addressed digging into your dreams and making them a reality. I want to tackle the third part of that discussion, which is the emotions that hold us back from making dreams real. In my last post I discussed overcoming failure, and talked about how making big goals is…… Continue reading Goals and Their Enemy: Writer’s Block

When Can I Call Myself a Writer?

A couple of weekends ago was the Write on the Sound writer’s conference in the scenic Edmonds, WA. I’m always amazed how far people will travel for this little conference. It’s very affordable in a quaint and scenic location. My first year was last year, and I’m committed to going every year. It’s that good.…… Continue reading When Can I Call Myself a Writer?

The Impending Doom of NaNoWriMo

It’s that time of year again. National Novel Writing Month. This will be my second year, and I’ve already ordered my “winner” shirt, so now I don’t have a choice but to participate and finish with 50,000 words. I planned to write the second novel in my series. As I’ve been talking about in my…… Continue reading The Impending Doom of NaNoWriMo

Getting Unstuck in Writing

I was making steady and sure progress towards finishing my novel. Then, I stopped writing. For something like a week. Not a long time, mind you, but long when you’ve only got five more weeks to finish writing a novel. I developed the habit that every morning I would write for 10 minutes. About anything,…… Continue reading Getting Unstuck in Writing